Saturday, June 29
Show: 8pm

“Slow Ride” “Fool for the City” “I Just Want to Make Love to You” “Third Time Lucky” 
“Drivin’ Wheel” “Stone Blue” “Honey Hush” “Home in My Hand” “Road Fever” 
“Terraplane Blues”
It’s been over 53 years since anyone had to ask: What’s a Foghat?”
The reason no one asks anymore is obvious. 
Foghat is a band. In 2024, Foghat turned 53 years old. In November of 2023, they released a 
new album titled Sonic Mojo which debuted at #1 on the Billboard Blues Charts and as of this 
writing has stayed in the Top Ten for over 17 Weeks! They are still out on the road, traveling 
across the land and bringing their infectious boogie to packed houses full of adoring fans nearly 
every night. A Foghat concert is every bit as much fun and intense in 2024 as it was in 1977 
when their classic multi-platinum album, Foghat Live broke them around the world. Looking 
back, it is only fitting that it was a live album that made Foghat a household name. The band 
would not have it any other way. 
Foghat continues to appeal to fans of all ages because their music is timeless. They play with 
an energy that perpetuates youthful exuberance, no matter how old they may be. This band 
loves to play music. This band lives to play music. Those in the audience, whether they 
discovered Foghat in the video game Guitar Hero III, from the movie Dazed & Confused, heard 
Slow Ride in the film ‘Top Gun/Maverick’ in 2023, or first heard them when they purchased their 
1972 debut album, knows they are the real deal. That’s why a Foghat audience is so diverse, 
yet unified. Baby Boomers, Gen X’ers and Millennials and on down all come together with a 
single purpose when the band comes to town. They wanna boogie…and boogie they do! 
For Foghat fans, the announcement of their new album, Sonic Mojo was no surprise. They’ve 
learned to expect new releases from this band. And Sonic Mojo was met with the same 
enthusiasm and excitement as their other recent releases which include 2010’s Last Train 
Home, 2016’s Under the Influence, 2017’s Live at the Belly Up and 2021’s 8 Days on the 
Road, which was recorded live at Daryl’s House Club in Pawling, NY. These releases join a 
long history of great music put out by the band. 
Foghat began back in 1971 when Lonesome Dave Peverett and Roger Earl decided to leave 
Savoy Brown and start a band of their own. History has proven that this was a great decision. 
Over the years, Foghat has earned eight Gold Records, one Platinum Record and one DoublePlatinum record. As with any band that survives for over five decades, there have been ups and 
downs, and tragedies and triumphs. Through it all, they moved ahead in one form or another for 
only one reason: The Music. For Foghat, it’s all about the music, always has been and always 
will be. 
Sadly, the band has lost three beloved members over the years. Founding member, songwriter, 
vocalist, and guitarist Lonesome Dave passed away in 2000. In 2005, slide guitarist 
extraordinaire Rod Price left us and then, in 2018, the band lost long time bassist Craig 
MacGregor. Through all the losses, founding member and drummer, Roger Earl, kept the music, 
and the band, moving forward. 

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