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We encompass a wide range of services to assist our clients in their efforts to increase revenues and attract the target customer base to achieve that goal. Our team’s expertise in talent buying, marketing, contracting, ticketing, social initiatives/PR, programming, enhanced revenue drivers, production, vendor aquisition, accounting settlements and billing, corporate sponsorship’s, and special events becomes available to you.

After in-depth consultation with our client’s team to determine their needs, we develop a strategic course of action that optimizes their goals. In some cases daily, weekly or monthly, we reassess our strategy with our clients to insure increased gaming revenue, hotel stays, food & beverage initiatives, position in marketplace, marketing, production, ticketing and community goals are being met.

We currently interact with every level of management and implementation to ensure efficiency and cost effectiveness across the board: CEO, GM and Entertainment Director, Accounting, Ticketing, Casino Hosts, VIP & Artist Protocols, Players Clubs, Restaurants, Police, Fire, Hotel, Catering, Stage Manager, Marketing, Media, Public Relations, and Tribal Gaming. At least one of our Principals will be at every single event.


  • Special Events & Festivals
  • Native American Casino Showrooms, Nightclubs & Lounges
  • Hotels, Resorts and Conference Centers
  • Performing Arts Centers
  • Master Planned Communities
  • Tourism & Convention Authorities



We buy talent with our client’s specific target markets in mind and strategies that reinforce their objectives.

R Entertainment leverages its 30-year talent buying powers to deliver major artists at fair market value. Currently, we are producing over 100 concerts, which enables our clients to have an “insiders position” when acquiring talent for an event. In addition, we have the opportunity to buy routed dates and create custom artist routes with our Texas, New Mexico and Northern Arizona venues.

Our philosophy is to negotiate the best market price for our clients by utilizing our knowledge of:

  • Local market prices & the competition
  • Our background in national tours and production expenses
  • Our buying power for a geographically symbiotic group of clients and venues
  • Relationships with major artist managers, production teams, and agents
  • The ability to book routed artists “on tour” and secure premium weekend dates

R Entertainment delivers our clients premium artists with a competitive market rate. We will work in lock-step with your team to develop a sustainable entertainment and business model that has definable goals. We have our client’s best interest in mind to help achieve their goals and to deliver the best possible return on investment.




Through our relationship with RPM Ticketing, we are able to provide custom solutions for all sizes of ticketed events, venues & everything in between. From setting up your ticketing website, providing on-site ticketing solutions & hardware, to providing access to some of the best back-end reporting and software – we do it all.



Pepsi Amphitheater at Fort Tuthill County Park

Tucked in the beautiful Coconino County Forest, the Pepsi Amphitheater at Fort Tuthill County Park is an ideal facility for special events, concerts and outdoor festivals. The amphitheater is open for events year round, seven days a week. Capacity for the Pepsi Amphitheater is 3,200 with 250 built in reserved seating. Please email info@rpmtix.com with any questions about the Pepsi Amphitheater.

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